The Fine Print

Due to the unprecedented rise in the occurance of lost, stolen, or late delivery of subscription copies of the special foreign publications we offer, we would like you to be aware of the following:

LATE DELIVERY:  The thought that your monthly, or weekly magazine will be delivered at approximately the same time each month or week, appears to be gone forever!  We are getting reports from all over North America that our customers are receiving three copies of a weekly magazine on the same day, or copies of a monthly magazine as late as the end of the cover dated month.  Further, there is no discernable pattern to this erratic delivery.  Certain areas, notably those with dense, high-rise housing, seem to be the most problematic.
LOST OR STOLEN COPIES:  We have conducted a two year study of complaints dealing with issues of publications that fail to arrive.   Failure by our customers to advise us, in a timely fashion, of an address change is still the leading cause of non-delivery problems.

Please note that you can no longer depend on the U.S. Postal Service to either advise us in a timely fashion of your address change, or forward your periodical promptly.  For example, we received an address change from a Post Office in Pennsylvania, six months after the Post Office took note of the change of address.

Two important steps you must take to ensure eventual delivery of your periodicals:

  1. Notify the Publisher AND "Fleet Street" Publications of your address change at least TWO MONTHS IN ADVANCE of your move.
  2. GUARANTEE FORWARDING POSTAGE by filling out the appropriate form at your "old" Post Office before you move.

While the above two steps will solve many of the forwarding problems if you are moving, we continue to urge our customers NOT to attempt address changes between seasonal addresses.

Finally, we should note that something less than one half of one percent of delivery problems are caused by errors in our computer processing.  We realize that the public has been "trained" to suspect that this type of error is almost always the cause of non-delivery.  THIS SIMPLY IS NO LONGER TRUE.

REPLACEMENT OF MISSING ISSUES:  Most of our foreign publishers have become aware of the problems outlined above, and unlike North American publishers, are not prepared to replace issues that are not delivered, especially if several months have passed before the complaint is registered.

Please therefore notify either "Fleet Street Publications" or the Publisher at the end of the calendar month, if you have failed to receive any monthly or weekly issue that should have arrived during that calendar month.  For example, if you do not have your July issue of a monthly magazine by 31st July, please file your customer service request for either a replacement issue or an extension of your subscription in writing, by mail or FAX, immediately!   Most foreign publications will no longer accept telephoned complaints.   However, written and FAXed communication continue to be effective.

RENEWALS:  Most foreign publishers prepare the printrun for an issue from six weeks to two months ahead of the cover date.  Therefore, to avoid missing an issue, it is very important that you respond to the first renewal reminder you receive if you wish to avoid missing an issue.  Again, this is very different from the practice of North American publishers, but once understood, should not be a barrier to continuous service.

If you have any questions:  We have a 24-hour, 7 days a week FAX, which is (763) 571-8292.  Our office hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central Standard Time, Monday through Friday.


We thank you for your business!

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